Tales from the Tour 2020

Tales from the Tour 2020 was an absolute blast! Not only did we have some surprises on stage, we had a unique and outstanding cast for the evening. God must have put this lineup together, because the evening was blessed.

Kevin Streelman, Ted Purdy, and Roger Sloan were the featured guests at Scottsdale Bible Church, but before the Tour pros came out MC and event chairman Lewis Greer welcomed PGA of America member Don Rea to the stage for an interview.

Don is a former national board member with the PGA and is now running for the position of Secretary of the PGA of America. He is also the owner of Augusta Ranch Golf Club in East Mesa, AZ. Check out his interview with Lewis — and watch him compete with the Tour pros in the 2020 Tales Cup below.

Everyone’s favorite interviewer Links Players International president and golf professional Jeffrey Cranford, pastor of Church at the Red Door drove over with several friends from Palm Springs, CA to talk with the Tour pros, and did a great job.

Special thanks to Scottsdale Bible Church for hosting us. Bill Cavness, Pastor of Men’s and Marriage Ministries, welcomed the crowd and conducted a golf related trivia contest that was so tough even he missed a question! (See below.)

Some folks who have attended every year from the start said this was the best Tales from the Tour ever, so watch it for the first time or live it again. Thanks to all who attended, and to all of our guests for being generous with their time and their insights!

Bill Cavness and fellow pastor John have fun with questions.
Lewis Greer interviews Don Rea, introduces the panel, and conducts the 2020 Tales Cup
Roger Sloan, Ted Purdy, and Kevin Streelman talk about their stories, including the low point of their careers. They also discuss golf swings, faith, and look forward to their futures.

Thanks to everyone (staff and volunteers) who helped make this event happen, and mark your calendars for next year’s event: Monday, February 1, 2021.